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About Havanamoderna

Havanamoderna is a new dance company in Tallinn, established by Cuban dancer, choreographer and teacher Hansel Rivero and organizer Annely Palm in order to join people through dance and expand the local social dance community. In Hansel’s classes you can learn dancing with a good base through a refreshing and fun methodology which is often reflected in the happy and smiling faces of his students when leaving the class. In Havanamoderna you will not only find yourself a new hobby but also many new friends to enjoy the salsa parties and dance trips together so join us and discover a new exciting way of life!

Dance classes in Havanamoderna

Havanamoderna's regular dance classes take place in Tallinn, at Veerenni 29/1, in the rooms of RMagination dance studio. The studio has 2 big halls with mirrors, wardrobes with lockers and showers for men and women. Free parking in front of the studio.

For more detailed information on different regular and private classes please see below. The price list and lesson schedule you can find in the upper menu of the web page.

If you are interested in any of our classes please register yourself on Contacts/Register page. You can join any class at any time except of classes for couples if your dance skills are not sufficient for that level. You can come to try any class, every trial class costs 5€/person.

Hansel Rivero tantsib salsat Havanamodernas

Cuban salsa

Teacher: Hansel Rivero
Hansel Rivero kuulab muusikat Havanamodernas

Latin solo

Teacher: Hansel Rivero
Flaier, mis ütleb 'Urban Kiz dance with attitude


Teacher: Hansel Rivero
Flaier, mis ütleb 'Urban Kiz dance with attitude

Urban Kiz

Teacher: Hansel Rivero
Flaier, mis ütleb 'Urban Kiz dance with attitude


Teacher: Hansel Rivero
Hansel Rivero poseerib päikeseprillides Havanamodernas

Private classes

Teacher: Hansel Rivero

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion." - Martha Graham

Dance trips


Dance tours and dance camps

In addition to dance classes, Havanamoderna also organizes summer dance camps and dance trips to Cuba and elsewhere.

For more information regarding the dance tours and dance camps please contact Annely Palm.

Havanamoderna Cuban Summer Camp 2020

Havanamoderna Cuban Summer Camp 2019

Havanamoderna dance trip to Cuba 2020

Havanamoderna dance trip to Cuba 2019

"We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once." - Friedrich Nietszche


Dj and Animation

We organize Latin parties where Cuban DJ plays Cuban music and other Latin rhythms and, if desired, performs several dance animations during the party, showing the guests the dance steps that the audience can easily follow. Dance animations are the perfect tool to attract people to the dance floor and get the party going.

Dance Animation in Havanamoderna party


We offer Cuban dance shows (3 min - 20 min) for different events, from one-man shows to shows with two dance couples. Our show group consists of professional dancers from Cuba.

African God Changó
Cuban show

"People have asked me why I chose to be a dancer. I did not choose. I was chosen to be a dancer, and with that, you live all your life." - Martha Graham

About me

Hansel Rivero Havanamodernas

Hansel Rivero

My dance career began in the streets of Havana, standing out from a very young age dancing Cuban popular music and urban music (hip hop, reggaeton). At the age of 13 I decided to learn a little more and started taking classes at the school of Tony Menéndez, Narciso Medina and some intensive workshops in Conjunto Folklórico and Teatro Nacional focusing mainly on Cuban folklore, dance technique (contemporary) and ballet. At the age of 15 I founded the urban group called "Los Vakeros" together with Reinier Alexis and Junior Puentes which quickly became one of the best reggaeton, hip hop and fusion style crews in all of Havana. With this group I began to work as a dancer and choreographer in audiovisual projects and alsomade a couple of appearances in Cuban television. A little later I decided to start opening myself for other dance styles and after successful auditioningstarted to work in Cuban Show company “Danza Mora” making a contract with Agencia Actual. With this group I started dancing a fusion between hip hop elements and traditional Cuban dances and later focused only on Cuban show.

I looked for more improvement auditioning in the show school of Tropicana de Cuba and in show company Parisien located in the National Hotel of Cuba. Passing both auditions I started studying in the school of Tropicana and at the same time I continued surpassing myself in the Parisien taking classes of Cuban folklore and ballet to be able to dance at the level of my classmates since the vast majority of all of them were graduates of state dance institutions while I came from the street and had only studied at some smaller dance schools.

After months of preparation in the school of Tropicana and in the classes of Parisien I contracted with Tuarte s.a. and started working in Parisien. Some months later, after several evaluative cuts, I graduated from the Tropicana school as the best student of my year (from maximum of 5 I obtained 4-ballett 5-Folkore 5-Repertoire 5-Dance technique) and as a result got the opportunity to work as a dancer in world famous Cabaret Tropicana de Cuba starting from the year 2015. While in Tropicana I wanted to continue growing in dance and took the entrance examination at the I.S.A. (Higher Institute of Art) in the specialty of Folklore, where after taking the theoretical and practical exams with about 100 young people I was the first in the ranks to enter the university. But some weeks later I passed two auditions which gave me the rare opportunity to travel outside of Cuba as an independent artist with a Cuban show group and I decided to go to work in Turkey for 6 months.

Returned from Turkey, I danced some time in Sancti Spiritus folkloric company and gave Cuban salsa classes to tourists until I came to Estonia in 2017 where I started sharing all my knowledge and experience as a dancer and dance teacher.

Prices of the classes

The following prices apply to all dance styles.

8 classes of salsa or urban kiz beginners (valid 4 weeks) 55€
16 classes of salsa or urban kiz beginners (valid 8 weeks) 100€
8+8 classes of salsa or urban kiz beginners for a couple (valid 4 weeks) 100€
4 classes (valid 5 weeks) 40€
8 classes (valid 5 weeks) 72€
16 classes (valid 10 weeks) 128€
8+8 classes for the couple (valid 5 weeks) 128€
Trial class 5€
Private class Agreed separately

  • There is no card payment possible in the studio, you can pay only cash on the spot
  • If you want to pay by bank transfer then please put the following data on the payment order:
  • Beneficiary: Havanamoderna Tantsustuudio MTÜ

    Beneficiary’s bank account: EE732200221072596253

    Description: the name of the person(s) who will take the course and the name of the course

  • It is possible to pay by Stebby, please contact us for further information
  • Couple price is only valid for dance classes for couples (man + woman)
  • With all passes you can go to different Havanamoderna classes if you wish
  • * discounts for youth under 26 years and ESN card owners
  • Contact us

    To register, fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please call or write us.

    Hansel Rivero
    Phone: +372 56 888 628 Hispaania lipp punase ja kollasega Inglise lipp sinise, valge ja punasega

    Annely Palm
    Phone: +372 56 496 260 Eesti sini-must-valge lipp Inglise lipp sinise, valge ja punasega Hispaania lipp punase ja kollasega

    Email: [email protected]

    Address: Veerenni 29/1-5, Tallinn (RMagination dance studio)

    Hansel Rivero
    Phone: +372 56 888 628 spanish flag united kingdom flag

    Annely Palm
    Phone: +372 56 496 260 estonian flag united kingdom flag spanish flag

    Email: [email protected]

    Address: Veerenni 29/1-5, Tallinn (RMagination dance studio)
    Join Havanamoderna's dance community and register for the trial class today!